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Faith & Hope: December 31, 2023

Sunday morning’s message and the mention of Awana took me back to childhood, sitting around the kitchen table working to memorize verses for Friday.

Our ministry on Sunday was a roadmap outlining the milestones of spiritual development. It always begins with hiding God's word in our heart. The Holy Spirit then calls those words to remembrance as occasion demands, and we are touched with surprise at His presence. Prayer should be our immediate response which often leads to the names of those He would have us pray for. Gathering in his name for instruction and edification, personal study, fasting for clarity and a better vision of God, gratitude, rejoicing, and obedience to his commandments, are all milestones in the development of our spiritual lives.

The closing of our encouraging message was a reminder of Hebrews 1, where we are taught that faith is the foundation of the things we hope for and evidence of an unseen God. Thomas was told he believed because he saw, but blessed are those who will believe without seeing.


May this new year be filled with faith and hope. And a Happy New Year to all!

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