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The last adam February 25, 2024

Today's ministry was a stirring podcast with a powerful, emotional impact and a return to the basic gospel message.  From the first Adam to the last, God outlined his plan for redemption, as witnessed in the sacrifice of the innocent lamb. I couldn't help but think how hard it must have been, somewhat like killing a healthy, young, beloved pet. It took the sacrifice of the Lamb of God to bring us to life spiritually and put us into God’s family.

The cruelty demonstrated in the acts leading up to and including the crucifixion, lies within the heart of us all, and it’s dangerous to think we’re immune. Though we have the new nature of Christ, the old nature still lurks within. How much power lay in the tide of emotions sweeping the crowd, carrying it from the arrest to the final act of barbarism? Emotions can take us places never imagined or intended and we are either a part of this world’s problems or part of its solutions. 

Just as our hearts are stirred by God’s love they can unknowingly be manipulated by our enemy to serve his purpose. May God’s sacrifice for us always be at the center of our hearts and minds, leading us to the destination he desires.

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