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What is my calling 3 February 4, 2024

In the final teaching of finding God's calling and purpose for us, Rev D warned us of the pitfalls and dangers lurking within the journey. Sharing with humor, his own example of finding his way, he reminded us that well-meaning believers can also misdirect and that we should trust in the lord, with all our heart, lean not on our own understanding, acknowledge him in all our ways and he will direct our path.

From the example of Gideon's error, he went to Matthew and the temptations of Christ with his warning, Don’t test God! You do test the spirits that come into your life that might lead you astray; the wolf in sheep‘s clothing, and the counselors, who would conform us into their plan, purpose, and image.

He pointed out the deceitfulness of seeking signs, audible voices, or relying on feelings or other people’s experiences as proof of God’s calling for us. Two passages of scripture came to mind; the first being the warning against measuring and comparing ourselves with each other in Corinthians and the second in Romans and the fact that hope that is seen (in signs) is not hope.

There are three things, he mentioned, that can aid us in our journey.◦ coming alongside those wiser and older, who are serving and learning from them as we help.◦ prayerful reading of God's word with surrendered, seeking hearts.◦ and as Nike says “Just do it”.

I was raised with the saying “Do the next right thing”.

It’s been widely said that changing direction once you’re in motion is a whole lot easier than getting yourself in motion to begin with. Again “Just do it”

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